Zach’s Night Before Christmas Pt. 2

The stars glow in the midnight sky

The rooftops blanketed in a blissful white

Like a rally for the GOP

Golly, who doesn’t love that Grand Old Party?

As the snowflakes dance their waltz down to the ground

In flew Saint Nicolas, quick as a foxhound

The hooves of his reindeer gently landing on a two story house

Careful not to accidentally cause a rouse

Mr. Claus rolls out of the sled and stood tall

Grabbing his sack, walking slowly, careful not to fall

But quickly turns back, realizing he forgot the bag of toys

A moment later, he’s meandered to the brick chimney

It is then that he begins the classic slide n’ shimmy

Even after coming out covered in ash

The jolly old man has a smile large enough to lift his moustache

A heart as big as the Earth

Loving all, right from birth

He tiptoes through the room and towards the tree

Ready to set up the toys the kids are eager to see

He grabs the bikes, dolls, games and 12th season of American Idol

As he began to get up, he was shot in the chest with a rifle

Blood poured out of his chest and onto the wood floor

It was at that moment that a certain someone walked through the door

pulling out a desert eagle and firing from point blank

The tracer rounds going right into the man’s think tank

Santa lay there motionless, the life drained from his face

“Percys always get their revenge you little bitch,”


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