My Encounter With Stephen Drew: A Sestina by Zach Percy

I take my first step in the convenience store

In search for a drink that interests me.

I walk to the freezer section and take in the place,

When who should walk in none other than Stephen Drew.

The infielder walks directly to my side on the left

And proceeds to look at me up and down.


He nods at me and in awe I put my head down.

What brings him to this tiny little store?

“Aw they have no Cool Blue left.”

Stephen, upset, looks right back at me

“Hey what flavor you got there?” questions Stephen Drew.

I look at the gatorade in my arms resting in place.


“Riptide Rush, there’s plenty in this place.”

He asks “Where?” and I point down.

“Thanks.  Is it good?” asked the legendary Stephen Drew

“Yes, it’s a flavor I hold in great store.”

Suddenly, on the radio played You’ve Got a Friend in Me

It was as if fate put him to my left


He grabs one out of the many that were left.

He picked it up and set it down in place.

“Hey thanks for helping me.”

“No problem.” I replied, shyly looking down.

He took a baseball card and marker out of a pocket where he did store,

And on it a signature he had drew.


But he was not done, that kind Stephen Drew.

The National held a ticket in his hand on the left.

I was filled with excitement for what was in store

That I was practically jumping in place,

But I tried my best to calm myself down

He took the items and handed them to me.


“You’re a very kind person for helping me.”

“It’s nothing, I’m a big fan of you Stephen Drew.”

He told me how good the seats were and to come on down.

The seat was right behind their dugout on the left

The dugout of the Washington Nationals who lay in first place.

Ahead of me today, much fun was in store.


I went down to the game with my Nationals  jersey on me.

With the gatorade from the store that I bought with Stephen Drew.

He held the same in his left, turned around and we toasted each other in place



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